10 books with Christmas mood

before the holiday is still a month. Dress up the Christmas tree and buying gifts is perhaps too early, but the mood of the New Year I want to now. This, incidentally, is different: it is possible to tremble in anticipation of good miracles, laugh till you drop in the circle of friends, and you can expect a dangerous adventure, and shiver with anticipation as a child.

< Website I have compiled 10 books that will help to get ready for miracles. If you have a favorite book about Christmas and New Year, share them in the comments.

Terry Pratchett - "Santa Hryakus» h3> The Discworld also celebrate Strashdestvo and brings gifts to children Santa Hryakus. But who can replace him if he suddenly disappears? Well, work is work. No matter what the staff suspiciously looks like a scythe, and the Santa Hryakus a skeleton (literally) and pale as death. Book with sparkling humor and hilarious characters. Ho-ho-ho. Happy Strashdestva!

Jostein Gaarder - "Christmas mystery» h3> This is a fascinating book, and calendar. In Norway there is a tradition to buy Christmas calendars. On December 1, every day children open a small window in the calendar, which was hidden chocolates and toys. Every day a new chapter of the book you will learn how our Christmas and New Year's have become so, as we know and love.

Fannie Flagg - "Christmas and a red Cardinal» h3> Funky medical diagnosis Oswald runs south to charming Lost Creek to meet her last Christmas. Life is measured in the town and at the same time strange. This warm Christmas tale, full of the usual magic, which is the power of many. A book for all those who yearned for the kind words and wonderful stories.

Christopher Moore - "The most stupid angel» h3> The city is buzzing in anticipation of Christmas. Only Lena unhappy - accident prishibla shovel former husband in a Santa suit. Little Josh decided that Santa was real, and prayed for a miracle. The author calls the book "a touching tale of a Christmas nightmare." Mixed horror, sparkling humor and Christmas miracles that can happen to anyone.

Joe Hill - "Country Christmas» h3> Holiday horror of the son of Stephen King. Since childhood, Victoria McQueen was able to find lost things. At age 13 she ran away from home and met Charles Manx - a psychopath who takes away children for Rolls-Royce in the real world in your imagination, the Land of Christmas, where they are transformed into something. The book that was once the onset of the holiday could mean the arrival of terrible.

Fyodor Dostoevsky -
"The Boy at Christ's Christmas tree» h3> The beggar boy in the run-up to the magic of the holiday wandering the streets and peering into windows, where pours heat and light, and where there are well-dressed Christmas tree. Boy forced to freeze in the cold streets of St. Petersburg, hungry, abandoned to their fate. Toddler sorry to tears, but he was lucky: he still gets a Christmas tree.

Daniel Glattauer - "Christmas dog» h3> Max hates Christmas, and therefore decides to run away to the Maldives. But it prevents the dog Kurt, you have no one to leave. And Catherine on Christmas Eve turns 30. Her parents can not come to terms with the fact that her daughter still has not found a husband. Then on the horizon appears Kurt with his strange host. Here it is - a festive love story.

Nikolai Gogol - "The Night Before Christmas» h3> The world froze in anticipation of a great holiday, and every kind of evil and people having fun from the soul. That night, the usual witch-woman shows the essence, the village blacksmith could riding on the dash and the queen of the fly to the capital, and the haughty beauty - suddenly fall in love with a nice, albeit simple guy. That night, in the world there are miracles.

Charles Dickens - "A Christmas Carol» h3> The charming, funny and sad tale for adults. Under the funny stories about ghosts, the sinner, the poor and honest wonders hidden deep psychology and cleverly spun intrigue. "A Christmas Carol" will be read always, until the snow falls and the lights Christmas tree lights.

Ernst Hoffman - "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King» h3> The Nutcracker story fascinates and inspires us 200 years. It's about believing in a miracle, the one that lives in each of us. So one day in the royal family was born the long-awaited heir, but because of a quarrel with the Mouse Queen handsome prince turns into an ugly Nutcracker, whose destiny - to crack nuts and wait. Wait until the clock strikes 12 times.

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