resinous slightly sweet smell of pine needles crackled flirting candles, playing reflections tongues of flame with its reflection in the dark window glass mysterious, enticing smells of baking with cinnamon and ginger, spruce shy, bashful clothed toys and serpentine ... That evening people are almost two hundred countries around the world are waiting with impatience and trembling. It - Cochelnik, Christmas Eve, the very great holiday in the Christian calendar. According to tradition, dating back to pagan times, on Christmas Eve to eat the forbidden food to the first stars. That is why the celebration of Christmas begins with the sunrise sunset, which, according to legend, heralded around the world about the birth of the Son of God. In families where the celebration of Christmas is a tradition for centuries, it accepted to tell the children that at the heart of the festival is the legend of the Virgin birth of the Son of God, Jesus Christ. It is the most solemn holiday in Christianity, followed by three church services - at midnight, at dawn and during the day (ie, in the bosom of the Father, in the womb of the Virgin Mary and in the soul of the faithful). The Church teaches that Christ's birth provided an opportunity for salvation and eternal life for each veruyuschego.

Like many Orthodox and Catholic holidays calendar, Christmas is actively powered origins in pre-Christian cults: these winter days in the Roman Empire, for example, and in the East celebrated the birthday of the "invincible father" - Iranian god Mithras. Today the value of the Christmas holiday is often lost, but remains important: Christmas is celebrated only at home, when the whole family gathers at the table and meets a holiday rest and love each other. Christmas holidays - one of the few in the Christian calendar, which is closely intertwined religious and folk traditions. Ukraine still has not lost its relevance a great tradition of caroling when children go from house to house singing Christmas songs, Christmas carols and wish the owners of peace and prosperity, sprinkling with the floor, "sowing" seeds of wheat or barley, which was believed to be held in the house well-being and happiness. In gratitude to the hosts endows children with sweets and coins, which are believed by many to bring good luck for the whole god.

Wherever you met this holiday wherever you are either abandoned fate, the main one: Christmas - a day that symbolizes the beginning, celebration, bringing light and peace, a day to reflect on their place in life and give yourself a promise to rise above and better. Christmas - a celebration of light and color, the feast of love conquering all people.



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