World Futurism Markus Vogt (Markus Vogt)

Since childhood, little German boy from Glattbah (Glattbach) was fond of science fiction and horror. Time passed, and no longer a young man, but her husband, creates its own graphical masterpieces in the world of which we offer you to plunge.

Most of the images Marcus Vogt (Markus Vogt) meets his childhood hobbies. He creates his drawings for many years. Started with 2D-graphics, gradually switching to the creation of 3D images. Some of his paintings may seem unacceptable to many, but as he says Marcus, these works have nothing to do with the promotion of violence, Satanism, racism or any other similar trends! It's just art, not associated with any ideologies. His work has appeared in many popular magazines related graphics: «3D World», «3dArtist», «Advanced Photoshop», «Animation Reporte».


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