Iranian street art duo brothers Icy and Sot

The two guys from the Iranian city of Tabriz, prefer to use stencils in his work. We think that once there was indignant to be accused of plagiarism guys, first of all copy the style Banksy.

And yet, we look forward to the understanding of the fact that this screen drawing technique is not well-known patent bully art and artists working in this sub-genre, incorrectly called plagiarist. Is that the exception parodist nicknamed Hanksy. But let's get back to the Iranians. Icy and Sotu - two brothers, who are now 27 and 21 years, respectively. Professionally engaged in drawing the fourth year. In his drawings are trying to say to ostrosotsialnye topics most relevant to Iran. However, do not deprive attention, and such timeless themes as love, hate, beauty, friendship and so on. D. Most of the works are located in the hometown guys Tabriz. In connection with the status of state to travel to Europe and America is quite problematic.


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