Beijing Motor Show 2012 (Beijing Motor Show 2012): Celestial luxury

Go back to the last time China's main auto show, to talk about the presented updates of premium and deluxe. Manufacturers are well aware that China is not in vain in the lead in the number of luxury goods purchased.

Let's start with a brief Lithia sports concept is powered by CH Auto. Frankly, this electric car that can accelerate to 150 km / h, it is very reminiscent of Audi R8. However, claims nobody will be charged. The Chinese manufacturer is not ready to answer the question whether it was started the production of a version of the car.

Bugatti brought to Beijing the most powerful car in the world. As you can imagine, it has become the foundation of the same Veyron Grand Sport. If you have not yet understood the hint will be one-sided, when you know the name of the new items - Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport Vitesse. Under the hood of this monster as much as in 1200 "horses" with the volume of the engine 7, 9 liters and 16 cylinders. The mark of 100 km / h car overcomes 2, 9 seconds and a "ceiling" on the wordly speed of 410 km / h. Also in Beijing, it was presented a special modification of this model, called Wei Long 2012. It was created specifically for the local customer.

British Rolls-Royce have brought to China its latest "krovinochku" - a conceptual masterpiece of luxury Ghost Six Senses. The basis is, of course, for the news became known to us Ghost. But, they say, the concept has become more "manual". Plus Six Senses phrase implies six senses, including taste, smell, sound and touch.

The second car, which was shown in the British capital of China - Rolls-Royce Phantom with extended knee base, lower fuel consumption and a bunch of nuances. In the assembly of cars of this model it takes 450 hours of work from a team of 30 employees and two robotic painters.

Aston Martin decided not "dust" novelties and concepts, presenting quite a discerning buyer a limited series of their cars Dragon 88 Limited Edition. It's certainly not a full mauvais ton, but Beijing this year, just stuck to the model, to mark the Year of the Dragon. The number 88 is also here for a reason. The number 8 is considered lucky. Nothing new, except the line of power plants and variations in the color of the body, in addition to the exclusive interior, you will not see.

The latest in this review was the show car A6 L e-tron from Audi. Concept is equipped with a hybrid power plant with total capacity of 306 hp, 95 "horses" produces motor. The volume of petrol unit - 2 liters. On a single charge cars able to overcome 80 kilometers and it is charging just from the usual outlets. According to the developers, we have a prototype of the future A6 sedan.

In this perspective the word we say goodbye to Beijing. Until next time.


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