Dream Catcher

About Dreamcatcher all heard, right? It is an ancient magical device, common in recent years around the world. The main purpose of this artifact is dreaming management and protection of sleep from various dangers vulnerable human soul during sleep. Woven within the closed ring web of filaments is designed to catch all the bad dreams and nightmares are caused by unkind wishes, careless outside influence and, of course, evil spirits. But all very good, kind and favorable dreams will necessarily involved!
Connoisseurs of this magic tool insist on compliance rather strict rules of manufacture Catcher: ring must only be made of twigs, woven network have to be an odd number of rows, and in the middle of the network have to be a hole, decorated with feather, symbolizing the breath. Feathers adorn the pendant should only be taken from live birds, and a female version Trapper decorated with feathers of an owl, and the men - the eagle. Well, a lot of the subtleties of any such need to know and will certainly keep them. Well, you understand, right? To do everything by the rules - impassable quest.
But a lot of knowledge - a lot of sadness ... Therefore reject all of the above and accept it on faith that the best and most effective Catcher is made with love and best wishes. And what material absolutely does not matter! And why do not we do myself, and maybe a gift beloved daughter or girlfriend here is a gentle option for the sweetest of dreams?
And if such a gift to man up gentle and soft pajamas, nightgown, robe or any other household knitwear from Ivanovo producing company LLC "VioTeks"? Not a bad addition, right? Especially that all products of this brand differs impressive range of variety of models and colors, which are produced on the latest equipment from natural and high quality material. LLC "VioTeks" offers a huge selection of home jersey - dresses, tunics, dresses, tunics wholesale, made by the author and the patterns corresponding to the most fashionable modern trends.

Where to buy, we found only thing to do - to create their own hands soft and delicate dream catcher. And here we can help a variety of beads, lace, ribbons, feathers and beautiful openwork, selected in a single pastel colors. The real work at all simple, but we must remember that it must be done in a good mood and happy thoughts, then the result will certainly please you



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