15 most bizarre trades

Today, many companies open positions, as the "Economist", "Lawyer" or "engineer". These professions today are among the most popular. But what do people with such professions as a "catcher ants" or "extender eggs"? Below is a list of 15 rare and amazing jobs that exist today.
1. Merchant dreams

Postal clerk dreams of becoming one night a great actor. Businessman wants to manage multi-ton structure. Psychiatrist dreams for 20 days off to meet 20 girls from 20 different countries. How to make their dreams a reality? One of Chicago's companies engaged in life is the epitome of all fantasies and desires of its customers. All you need is to come to their office to talk about what you want and pay the amount that you will be called experts. However, remember that the minimum cost of a dream come true is $ 150,000.

2. Podbiratel balls

These vacancies can be found in major golf clubs. The duties podbiratelya goal is to follow the order to the areas adjacent to the golf course areas had no balls, got there by accident.

3. Catcher ant

The catcher must catch the ants in an anthill best individuals, which later will serve to continue the race on artificial ant farms.

4. Vynimatel brain

Workplace vynimatelya brain - a slaughterhouse. He is responsible for putting the head of the slaughtered animal on the table and, after he split the skull to remove the brain from there, which is then sent to the restaurant.

5. Zapahoved

Job zapahoveda open in some companies engaged in the production of deodorants. Zapahovedy is applied to the underarm deodorant participants in the experiment and during the day watching how the changes the smell of deodorant.

6. The superintendent of the fire

Work is sitting on top of a high tower, located in one of the national parks of the United States and ensure that you do not start somewhere in the neighborhood fire.

7. "The Guardian" Queen

The so-called "guardian" queen bee must ensure that it is intact and receives power required for the continuation of the bee genus.

8. Extender eggs

The main duty of an employee of the profession - to separate the whites from the yolks with a special machine, which it should put the whole eggs.

9. The operator determines the sex of chicks

When the age of the chickens is one day, it is important to accurately determine their sex, as this will depend on their future food and conditions of detention.

10. expanders wrinkles

The expensive shoe boutique, there are people that are specifically involved, so that on the shoe, which measures the buyers had no wrinkles. They straighten them.

11. Natiratel golf clubs

The luxury golf clubs have "experts", who are responsible for rubbing sticks clients with special grease to ensure better contact club and ball.

12. Piper

At first glance it may seem that this is a profession already dead, but the chimney sweeps in Southern California has to this day. To become a chimney sweep is necessary to pass a two-year training. Hour chimney sweep average is estimated at $ 20.

13. Nyuhatel eggs

Some pastry is the so-called "nyuhateli eggs." They follow in order to rotten eggs were not used for the production of confectionery products.

14. Levelling pads

In the furniture stores that specialize in selling bedroom furniture, hiring equalizers pillows. These people have to go on the trading floor and ensure that the pillows had no wrinkles.

15. The Easter bunny

Man dressed as the Easter Bunny should attract the attention of buyers, dancing in front of stores sales.


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