Floating island off the coast of the Netherlands Shirmonnikoog

Everyone knows the problem of the Netherlands to the level of the sea, which regularly floods the new area namyvali sand, restricting the movement of ships. However, this is not all the country's problems. Off the coast of the Kingdom there is a floating island.

He called Shirmonnikoog (Schiermonnikoog) and its total area, as well as location, fickle. However, about the length of the island is 16 kilometers and width - four. Almost the entire island - National Park. The first settlers were Shirmonnikooga monks, around 1250, the year. Therefore, the island's name translates as "island of gray monks" .Then he lay two kilometers north-west of this place and its form was somewhat different. By simple calculation, we find that, on average, for the year, the island is displaced more than 2, 5 meters to the southeast. This place is annually visited by more than 300 thousand people. On the island live about a thousand people.


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