The most stunning attractions and floating platforms for entertainment

There are many designs on the water, worthy of attention. Selected - the most unique and unusual. Those that really want to visit and see.

Floating platform for skateboard in Nevada

Small and dangerous miniature skate park designed for extreme, and who love skating and water. Lake Tahoe floating barge with elevations, on which ramps and ride notorious skateboarders. The creator of the ramp with a ramp, Bob BŃ‘rnkvist, very proud of his ideas.

A swimming pool, Germany

A swimming pool in Berlin Arena Badeschiff length of 30 meters - the main decoration and even the kind of attraction on the river Spree. Engaged in the development of the project architect and artist Susanne Lorenz from the company AMP Arquitectos. In cool and rainy season pool cover polycarbonate awnings.

Floating golf course

In Idaho, USA, in the resort town of Coeur d'Alene. Floating island is constructed raft equipped with a golf course. Island drifting on a small area. Then you and the ship and the island, and a favorite game.

Floating cinema in Thailand

Kinoplot developed by German-born architect Ole width, which now lives in Beijing. Cinema is located in a picturesque cove near the island of Yao Noi.

Stadium on the water in Singapore

In the bay reservoir Marina Bay in Singapore, where the eponymous hotel, there is also the platform on which the stadium is situated in length of 120 meters and a width of 83 meters. Weight that can withstand the platform reaches 1070 tons, which is equivalent to the weight of 9,000 people, 200 tons of props for the football field and the weight of machinery. Seaside Gallery to accommodate 30,000 fans. This stadium is more than the National Stadium in Singapore, causing even more interesting as a unique structure of the country.

Floating theater scene in Austria

Oh, it's something you probably already have seen. Skeleton Lake Constance, flipping book, - a spectacle in itself impressive. Here are regularly held some interesting and large-scale performances. Tourists from around the world flock Nemer. At night the giant figure of the bone looks mystical and scary.

Floating Market, Indonesia

South Kalimantan Province, Indonesia, known for its market Murano Queen, which floats on the waters of the river Barito. Here you can buy a boat dealers anything from household knick-knacks to any delicious food. Many traders and live in boats, some do bezvylazno.

Underwater hotel, Tanzania

Near the island of Pemba in Tanzania floating hotel, part of which is hidden under the water. It's really an incredible feeling that you're in a submarine. Stunning underwater views from the hotel - in themselves and vacation travel.

Floating artificial island in South Korea

Perhaps the most weighty creation in floating structures. Island on the Han River has a powerful conference center where excellent acoustics and can be carried out concerts and sporting events. Archipelago consists of three interconnected islands in the several floors. The island is occupied 10845, 5373 and 4164 sq.m. respectively. In recent years, the island was visited for more than 70 million tourists.


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