Why before dying people see light at end of tunnel

Scientists have long debated about what happens to human consciousness at death. Those who have experienced clinical death, often speak of the bright light at the end of the corridor. Specialists conducted a study with certainty that this tunnel there!
The experiment was conducted by American scientists over the US laboratory mice. It turns out that animals see the same picture before his death, and that the people! The same light at the end of the corridor and saw a mouse.

After cardiac arrest brain continues to work for half a minute. During this time, with the help of the electroencephalogram was marked by high activity in all regions of the brain. Scientists say impulses that generate a dying brain, can create the illusion of "light at the end of the tunnel».
Jim Bordzhigin, the author of the experiment, said the results are not just scientifically substantiate and prove the existence of a "greeter" of light, but also refute some of the statements. It turns out that only after cardiac arrest our brain produces its maximum output. They cause in the human mind (and as it turned out, and animals too) visions and hallucinations.


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