10 shocking things found in food

There are things in this world that can spoil the appetite of even the most unflappable cynics. Do not pay attention to this collection if just now busy lunch or just unsure of your nerves. So dozen nastiest "discoveries" made during the meal.

1. Teeth

Biting into a sandwich, hardly think about what you can stumble upon a strange tooth.

However, the teeth are in the sausage, canned food and even ice cream. It is difficult to say exactly how they get there: maybe packer at a factory suddenly got to the jaw by faulty equipment or poor man all that bad health that his teeth began to fall out.

If you got a human tooth, you can assume that lucky like American Carl Cornett to find in a package with nuts something like that, in his words, to "tooth rodent", he lost sleep and rest - the man became nervous, hypochondriac constantly feeling sick . He decided to return to mental and physical health, in 2006 for presenting the company «Kraft Foods», which was fatal manufacturer bag of nuts, a claim for $ 55 thousand - the lawsuit is still ongoing.

2. Human blood

Among those many fans steak with blood, but the idea is to taste the blood of another person can cause a gag reflex.

However, human blood is found in foods more often than you can imagine. Cooks and employees of catering establishments in the work often use the knife, which inevitably leads to cuts and wounds from small blood can get into the prepared dish, because the chef just did not notice or deliberately ignore the scratch on his arm.

It so happens that the blood enters the prepared dish, and quite inexplicably, eg guest hotel "Astoria" found in the plate used tampon.

3. Rotting frog

Everyone is familiar with such French delicacies like frog legs, but ingestion of frogs can not always give an exquisite taste.

One day, going to quench your thirst, the man bought a can of Coke and took a few sips, but instead of soda his mouth filled with a liquid with a horrible taste that is impossible to describe it. On opening the container, the consumer has found a frog or toad semidecomposed.

Research specialists from the Office of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not found any evidence that the company «Pepsi» involved in the incident: in the factory, where bottled drinks, did not find any traces of amphibians and process eliminates the possibility of contact with animals in a sealed vessel. How unfortunate frog ended up in the bank, to this day remains a mystery.

4. Broken glass

The films often depict a method of slow and brutal murder - the victim is forced to swallow the glass shards. Unfortunately, the glass in the diet - not only the fruit of imagination of filmmakers and screenwriters.

«Nestle» was forced to withdraw a large batch of semi-finished products due to consumer complaints, the company's products are in pieces of glass and plastic. School canteens of Texas were also implicated in the scandal: in the dishes that make up the diet of schoolchildren found glass fragments. Even baby food can not be above suspicion: in 1986, the American company «Gerber» was forced to make excuses when disgruntled parents across the country talking about the glass chips and individual pieces of glass the size of a coin, you get their children of infant formula.

Pay close attention to what you eat: such foreign bodies in food may cause serious damage to internal organs.

5. Mouse

Typically, small-tailed rodents avoid direct contact with the man, but prefers to live near his home, eating garbage and content storage. Mice appear and disappear suddenly, they can be found everywhere, including a private dinner plate.

The most common rodent corpses found in packets of crisps and nuts, where the mouse can get to the stage of production, indicating that the violation by sanitary norms.

Recently, in England, was fined a major producer of food, because the consumer is found in a loaf of bread unexpected "stuffing" - baked bread with a mouse.

By the way, in China from mice prepare exotic delicacies, but it is unlikely it will become popular among gourmets around the world.

6. Condom

This is probably one of the nastiest things that can get into your food. Visitor Californian seafood restaurant experienced it in their own skin, brought by a waiter found in shellfish soup with a condom.

Neither the investigation nor the trial failed to help find important - Contraceptive use it or not, and how it got into the soup? The basic version of the victim herself is considered rude waiter joke.

A student of one of the Chinese universities are not so "lucky": condom, discovered her plate when she dined at a cafe was definitely used. In response to the complaint, arrogant chef tried to convince the Chinese woman, she got a sausage skin.

7. Bullet


In 2004, the year a resident of California decided to eat a hot dog not having finished and half, she felt that the mouth is a metal object, which at first was thought own flown away dental braces, but a more detailed examination of this subject has appeared cartridge caliber 9mm . After visiting the doctor and making an X-ray, she found a second in his stomach - probably munition was quietly swallowed it along with the most ill-fated hot dog.

Fortunately, the foreign body is not delivered lover hotdog special problems safely leaving the body naturally. The most interesting - as two live bullets were in the hot dog? The police investigation was not able to lift the veil of secrecy over this incident.

CEO «Costco», and which gave birth to such a dangerous "bun with sausage", said the company "regrets this incident, but can not explain it».

8. Spider

The culinary traditions of different countries allow eating spiders (as a valuable source of protein), but hardly unprepared consumer will be delighted to learn that the dish he has just enjoyed, prepared from vosmilapoy "game».

Spiders can be at the dinner table with exotic fruits, which travel thousands of kilometers before you end up in supermarkets. Bananas and other tropical fruits reveal larvae of spiders, including some deadly types like "black widows" - this kind of spiders used by manufacturers of fruit to combat pests.

The ability to try the taste of the spider lies not only in the overseas fruits and vegetables: once a fan of Italian cuisine, and dress ravioli, found in one of them such "exotic" stuffing.

9. A razor blade

Discover eating razor - what could be worse and, moreover, dangerous?

Several of these cases have occurred with visitors networks eateries «McDonalds», «Burger King» and others.

Do not think that the staff of such institutions - very often maniacs and sadists, a blade often used for cleaning utensils - they are convenient to remove dried-on food residues. Failure employees fast food safety and leads to the fact that such a "relish" falls into the dish customers.

10. "Woodlouse devourest language»

A resident of Belfast remember this day for life: he calmly cleaned his kitchen fish when suddenly her mouth fell open, and out crawled creepy creature resembling alien monster from the comics.

This turned out to be a monster Cymothoa exigua, it is called "wood louse, devouring language».

Parasitic crustaceans penetrates through the gills of fish and gradually eating tongue, takes his place. Woodlouse so tightly, "is part of the role of" language that even begins to perform some of its functions.

Companies engaged in harvesting fish known about this parasite, and, of course, take all measures to Multiped not hit the fish departments of supermarkets, but, as you can see, this sometimes happens. Buying fresh or live fish, take a look into her mouth - not hiding there be someone? But be careful: if the fish is so fresh, that "alien monster" is still alive, it can bite you.


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