Twice "ku"

Today I'm a freak.
In the center drank a bottle of kvass, going with a blank in the direction of the Postal Square. No garbage cans. Worth cop. I went, glasses do not shoot, I say & quot; ekskyuz of, Sør, Vear mei ah put bottl sis and Cant FIND ENI resaykl sollektor hier & quot ;. He looks at me and says, veal eyes & quot; and? & Quot ;. & Quot; recycler, say, bottl, garbeydzh bin HELP & quot ;. And shake my hand with an empty bottle. He helplessly looking eyes urn, finds, says & quot; GIVE mi pliz here & quot ;. Picks. Say & quot; umnichka, and I suppose to be their ... sent & quot ;. I thought it will break.


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