On winter, mentality and so on

And yesterday in Kiev winter came. Not the calendar. And, so to speak, actually. With relying on the occasion of the snow and, again, relying on the occasion of the accompanying events.
Reaction utilities do not want to say too much, because there was not anything out of the ordinary. Well, they put out there than relying on the central streets. Well, did not particularly soared over the availability of snow on sidewalks and other places - it is something normal, but what else would somehow expected.
But crazy queue for tire me personally sincerely grieved. After December already in the yard. Well, a crash would suddenly in September - mid-October, okay. One can understand. But in December, people in December! We're not in California. The weather, of course, is not always accurate and the subject of some jokes and more. But the very time of the year as it implies the existence of winter tires are not in the garage, but directly to the wheels. It seems to be the case. But - not so.
I do not know how anyone, but I personally have had such a parallel (well, in mysterious ways associative links). After all pyramid schemes, and other "divorce on the headstock" people, in principle, understand what they are going. It then begins with the motto "We are not aware of their evil essence." All know and understand, but hoped for something. And the script almost all world crises XX-XXI centuries not really something different and it was held okolpachivanie masses simply because I wanted to hope. And it's like a completely different social levels.
So, it seems, really - "thunder clap, the peasant will not cross"?


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