General cleaning will join the family budget on 7, 5 thousand dollars

The woman, who has decided to hold a general cleaning in his garage, was incredibly surprised when among old lawnmowers and rusty bicycle she found the tombstone of King Alfred the Great, who ruled Britain in 871-899 years.


Stove height of almost 1 meter once stood at the grave of the Anglo-Saxon Christian, who lived in the IX century, despite the fact that at that time the country hosted the pagan Vikings. Originally tombstone was found about 100 years ago during the construction of roads in Little Eaton, near Derby. In the IX century, these lands were part of the Danelaw - territory controlled by natives of Denmark. 1,100-year-old carved stone depicts Christian symbols, including early Christian Celtic cross surrounded by a halo and carvings at the base.


This time tombstone was discovered the watchful eye of the mistress of a cardboard box and garden tools in the garage of a private house. Ancient relic to be sold by auction house Duke of Dorchester. The owner of expect to get for it at least 7, 5 thousand dollars.



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