Household Tricks, who used 100 years ago

Cigarette manufacturers in 1880 began to make a special card, which strengthened pack.
After a while they came up with another trick, began to print on packs celebrity photos and pretty girls that you can collect, and this increased sales.

These cards (which continue to print until the 1940s) is now of great value - the most expensive, with the image of Honus Wagner baseball nonsmoker, was sold in 2007 for $ 2, 8 million dollars. In the 1910s, some cigarette manufacturers started printing on the cards that we now call layfhakingom - some simple techniques that help to quickly and easily cope with everyday tasks and problems. It should be noted that all these "Life hacking" was invented about 100 years ago, when the security concerns of people is much less than it is now. Therefore, we recommend readers to think carefully before you adopt any of these tips.

How to make your own fire extinguisher

"Dissolve one pound (0, 454 kg approx. Mixstuff) salt and half a pound of ammonia in two quarts (one quart - about a liter) of water. Pour the mixture into a bottle of thin glass - each approximately a quart. If a fire starts, throw into the fire one or more bottles and, most likely, you will be able to avoid the spread of fire.

How to pull a splinter

"Fill the bottle with a wide neck with hot water almost to the brim, put his hand to the area of ​​skin with a thorn turned out over the water and a good push. After some time, the splinter should leave itself ».

How to keep the freshness of eggs

"To keep the eggs fresh for a long time, you just need to put them in a box with dry salt (salt to each egg completely covered) and keep in a cool dry place. It is important to block the access of air to the shell ».

How to fell a tree

"First, you must define the direction in which the tree will fall. Then you need to nadrubit trunk in two locations - one above and the other below, as shown in the picture. After that, with the help of ropes, pull the tree in the right direction ».

How to stop a mad dog

"For this is useful to you, what should be in the arsenal of any scout - stick or even a handkerchief to keep the two sides, as shown in the picture. Before you bite, the dog will certainly try to bring down your defenses with his paw, and it will give you the opportunity to strike a foot ».

How not to dry out plants, while you're away

"Fill a large bowl with water or a bucket, put it on the rise and group around your plants. Weave loosely braid of several woolen threads, completely immerse it in water. Then attach one end to the bottom of the vessel with water, and the second dip in a pot of flower. For each need a separate pot woolen braid ».

How to light a match in the wind

"To cope with this problem familiar to everyone easily, making the base matches rough, as shown in the picture. When you light a head, the resulting chips are also immediately lights up and the chance that the fire is out, there will be more ».

How to make a cable car across the river

"Tie one end of the rope to a tree strong. Then send a scout to swim across the river and attach the other end to a tree on the other side. Make a kind of seat, attach it to the loop, which can move freely in the rope or to the unit. Then, using a light rope, fastened to the base of "chair", the ends of which keep scouts from both sides, it is safe to transport the person on the other side of the river ».

How to save a person from electric shock

"If you witness a person has touched the bare wires do not touch the victim, unless your hands are not protected by rubber gloves or several layers of dry cloth. Disconnect the wire and then immediately send for a doctor ».

How to make a water filter

The best and most effective filter can be made of ordinary galvanized buckets perfectly pure, having done in his day a small opening through which the threaded fitting on the size of the tube. Water will seep through the layers of coarse sand, pebbles and stones selective, which should fill the bucket and poured through the tube perfectly clean ».



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