Banned or not banned?

About a year ago, Elon Musk, Tesla Motors director of the gene and SpaceX, Chairman of SolarCity and founder of PayPal, and other and other, said he was working on a new type of transport. Because he has a reputation for not only a man of action, and to make concrete, the interest in his project neshuteynaya.
What is offered? Due to the ineffectiveness of some, the high cost and inconvenience of other third, Musk decided to offer something new. If without tedious details, then it is like a hybrid of Concord, electromagnetic guns and air hockey. It is expected that this will be a modern equivalent pneumatic, only on a much larger scale. A man comes to the point of departure, sits in a capsule (assuming that is what they will be small - four to six people) and forward. Advertised fantastic movement speed - up to 6500 km / h and almost zero variance accidents. It would seem, what else ought to, but that's not all. The cost of moving from New York to Los Angeles with forty minutes away is expected to reach one hundred dollars. Named a new transport HIPERLOOP.
If it is at least to a first approximation corresponds to reality (again, not the dude who anyhow in the business world), it will be interesting to see the reaction of oil tycoons. Yet in the first ban unwanted projects.


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