Photos policemen from social networks

I want to show you the representatives of law enforcement bodies of Ukraine, who actively use social networking sites and post their photos.

Irina Demchishin of capital in the form and without:

Kompanets Gregory, head of territorial police department Desnyanskiy PO Metropolitan Police, loves to relax. He recently returned from a distant Thailand, who visits regularly.

Interestingly, the average monthly salary of a policeman in Ukraine, officials say, is 3015 hryvnia.

It works in the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and the magic of Yuri Mospan Lyubashevka.

Yuri and his friends - "the real trump card»

Unfortunately, they travel money is not enough, so rest guys "in a simple way».

Record Eureka

Policeman Oleg Dzhigun friends with squirrel

But it may look like "real" rough, even in pink walls separating

Kiev Maxim Aleynik policeman and his unknown friend

The classic solution "I will go to Kiev in the hiring of police" took Vova Dachev from Bolgrad

In his spare time, Vova looks pretty bright

Nazar Peter also works in the capital of law enforcement officers. But. wants to be a model.

Another funny guy - Ivan Velikodnaya.

Fun lives and BARS.

The policeman Alexander Babi in the environment

Valentin Lavrenchuk and his secret desires

Then without comment ...



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