Story in fotogafiyah

The French sculptor and photographer Alain Lebualya six children. And he was an incredible feeling and ability to tell everyone about how they live.
Sculptor Lebual in 2007 discovered the language of photography and decided that this is the ideal means of narration. And he tells about his family. Six children (2 sons and 4 daughters) and his wife living with him in a small house in the southwest of France. He tells us about happiness, energy and freedom.
In his photographs normal children living with the best childhood. Naughty, buzyat, invent a wide variety of classes, drag cats roll in the mud, poured water, spit, sitting at tables, climb trees, put the box on the head. Free and relaxed explore the world that surrounds their home. They do what they want, and my dad just follows them with a camera, leading chronicle of his family.
Timeless photographs of young and already grown Tarzanov. In each of these images unconditional love, attention and acceptance of life in all its beautiful.
Elliot is now 18, Brine - 16 Moon - 14 Merlin - 12 Dune - 5, and the youngest and most charming Neil - 4 years.
A lot of pictures - in this material over a hundred of their, and the entire photo project has more than four hundred. But they definitely are worth the time to watch. Because in each frame - the life and joy. And together - the history of the whole family. Simple and beautiful moments, a stunning family album.
Attention hypocrites, certainly soberuschimsya comments: these are children. When you were little, it also ran golopopye. This is normal.


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