It revealed the secret appeal of men

It revealed the secret appeal of the main kidnapper of women's hearts in Hollywood Bradley Cooper.

The actor appeared the sexiest hair in the world. This is shown in a study by the British company for hair care. Bradley won the drafters of the rating of its long hair in the movie "The Place Beyond the PinesĀ».

Competition Cooper made his colleague Ryan Gosling.

But if hair is too short Gosling (of 7, 5 cm), or the secret of attraction lies in something else, and the votes he scored half (20%).

David Beckham has always trendy hairstyles and hair at the time of voting was almost 9 cm in length. However, he lost even Ryan Gosling.

But in the list of the most tattooed celebrities, ex-football player would not be exactly equal.

Himself shebutnoy Royals Prince Harry to get the list of sexiest men helped not only red hair.

The military is known to be popular with the girls, and Harry apart army hairstyles 5 months of service in Afghanistan behind.

The top five Group One Direction singer Harry Styles.

Since childhood idol Harry was Elvis Presley - the singer, not only to conquer millions of his own voice, but also chic hairdo.


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