Fake Chinese shrimp (10 photos)

Fast forward to the Chinese factory for harvesting shrimp and the production of dried krill.
It is interesting to see what we eat really are and how we are deceived.

So, if you cook the shrimp, the most usual - it will barely pink. If the Norwegian cook shrimp, it will be much pinker, and hence the presentation she will be much higher, but it is much more expensive. And what do the Chinese, if their shrimp and smaller and when cooking does not get a nice bright pink color? The answer is obvious - they must be painted!

And then all of the technology: freshly caught shrimp dipped in a vat for a few minutes, to the same and pour dye. Later vymochat shrimp in a solution of sodium tripolyphosphate. Sodium tripolyphosphate is used to fix the freshness and in order to better absorb water and become heavier during freezing. Later this dyed and soaked shrimp sent to freezing (glaze) Sometimes, on request, do not paint the shrimp (shrimp this is cheaper (unpainted those shrimp that photo will go for cheaper snacks)). A dyed, go to us on the table. Especially a lot of it, red-haired beauty, in Russia and Ukraine. Well krill for snacks is almost the same, but it will not soak into the tripolyphosphate, and immediately after cooking are dried for about 5 days in this case on the ground. Then they will clean shrimp (dry shrimp shelled and begin the cleaning process becomes much easier than ever for them to brush immediately after cooking) dosushat and packagi.

Judging by the smiley with the source, the Chinese themselves ofigivaet there with this "cooking» :)

Source: bbs.local.163.com, ibigdan.livejournal.com -


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