Technique of REM sleep: how to sleep for 4-5 hours.

According to scientists, the body the average person is enough to five hours a day to get enough sleep, which will invigorate and refresh, and give new strength. But in order to sleep for 4-5 hours, you must follow a number of principles and rules of sleep.

In our troubled century accelerated speeds and increased life rhythm specialists have developed a special technique to seamlessly person could sleep for 4-5 hours and feel all day burst of energy. To do this, follow the following methods of REM sleep:

1) Relax before you go to sleep (no need to go to sleep with all their feelings and problems - to do this, select 10-15 minutes to think about something beautiful or listening to soothing music).

2) Do not burden the stomach at bedtime and do not overeat at night (if not the body will expend all their energy on not own recovery, and digestion).

3) Use special accessories for sleep - relaxing pillow with herbs (especially suitable for this hop cones), blindfold and ear plugs, if any, will be needed.

4) Take a warm shower before going to bed (it is not only a means of hygiene, but also the excellent "flushing" the accumulated per day of information, experiences and emotions - water is best "takes" them with a relaxing body).

5) sleep under a warm blanket (in the cold people poured out much worse than in the heat).

6) Develop a persistent habit of the organism to 5 hours of sleep (usually adapted to a similar rhythm occurs on average for 1 month).

7) Provide for yourself one day a week (preferably not a weekday), when you can sleep peacefully "rainy day", that is a little longer than usual (8 hours).

8) Go to bed until 24:00 - in this period, the human body faster and better is poured (two hours of sleep after midnight to midnight equal to one - this has accentuated Paul Bragg).

All of these rules take into account, in particular, the three basic components of a quality and healthy sleep: the organization of bed, sleep environment and attitude to it.


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