Caring for split ends.

The best hairstyle will look untidy, if the tips of the hair whipped. More prone to a cross section thin, dry, painted, and curly hair. However, this does not mean that this problem does not apply to direct, normal or oily hair. Delamination tips help and improper care and overall health, and the environment. There are a few rules for the care of split ends.

Today, besides the usual beauty trimming split ends offer a wide range of preventive and curative treatments for hair: masks, body wraps, sealing.

It makes sense to use the "hot scissors". The essence of the procedure is that the master will make you a haircut is not the usual "cold" scissors, and special "hot". To cut the hair ends are sealed, which prevents their further stratification. The procedure can be done only once in four to six months. The effect is visible immediately, at first, only because split ends cut off, and secondly, the structure of the hair is improved, they seemed to grow heavy.

Even if you have not decided on a haircut "hot scissors" cut split ends in the usual way is still necessary. This is the beginning of any withdrawal. Perform this procedure must be the growth of hair, but not less frequently than once every two months.

Try to determine your hair type: dry, normal or oily, painted or natural, straight or curly. This is useful in order to choose the right line of tools for hair care.

Talk to master what funds you choose. You can visit the store for hairdressers. Tools for the salons are usually more concentrated, and they last longer, and the effect of them is better.

But even among modern means of hair care products that are sold in retail stores, you can find a suitable series.

You may need: shampoo, conditioner, air conditioner, mask, lotion, tonic, fluid compositions indelible styling, caring for hair. Better to choose one brand product line. They tend to be complementary. The main thing - the regularity and compliance with recommendations of the developers.

Should pay particular attention to the comb. It must be made of natural material, not sharp, not metal. Never brush wet hair.

Protect your hair from drying in the sun and frost in winter. Heating, appliances, office equipment, general dryness of the air - all this has a negative effect on the state hairstyles.

Cause the greatest harm to hair dryers, curling irons and. Try not to use them every day. Up to two or three times a week. When using these devices use a special protective styling.

Compliance with these simple rules will help you a long time to keep the hair healthy and strong.


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