Intelligent animals

Parrot that said touching dying words.
Alex - African Grey parrot, was able to distinguish and define the colors and had a great relationship with a girl named Irene Pepperberg. When Alex died in 2007, his last words to her were: "With you it was good. I love you ».

Two dog-guide, who brought their owners from a height of 70 floors of the World Trade Center before the towers collapsed on September 11th.

Chimpanzee who grieves for his dead friend.
In the center of the salvation of chimpanzees in Cameroon chimpanzee named Dorothy died of heart failure. What happened next was surprising: her fellow chimpanzees embraced in solidarity and solemnly watched the funeral of their friend.

The amazing story of a lion named Christian.
Christian took the cub to his two brothers in 1969. When he grew up, he was returned to the wild. Brothers returned a year later and they were told that Christian was the leader of the pride, so that he hardly remembers them. After several hours of searching, they still found a Christian and that's how he met them:

Koko the gorilla reacts to the sad moment in her favorite film. Coco watching your favorite movie "Tea with Mussolini". The film has a sad scene where the little boy, who is to separation from family members, waving his hand from the outgoing trains. As soon as the farewell scene begins, Coco turns. After that, she gestures showing the word "frown", "sad", "sad", "trouble", "mother" and "Coco loves" with tears in his eyes.

Cows have best friends and they get very upset when they are separated.
According to scientists Krista Maklenan: "When the cows are in the company of his friends their heart rate is considerably lower than when they are in the company with a random individual of.»

Jack Russell Terrier, who gave his life to save five children from wild dogs.
In 2007, five children were playing with George (the same dog), when they were attacked by pit bulls. "George tried to protect us barking and rushing at them," said one of the children, - "but they started to bite him. One of the head, and the other behind his back, "His heroic intervention saved the children, although he later died from his injuries. George was posthumously awarded the Medal for his bravery.

Whale beluga, saved divers who grabbed cramps at a depth of 20-feet.
When free-diver Yang Yang tried to return from the bottom, she found that her legs cramp seized, and she could not move. "I gasped and began to sink lower and lower, and I thought it was my end. - I was almost dead when I suddenly felt an incredible force under me that dragged me to the surface. " Beluga, which was later named Mila, saw what was happening and rushed into the fight to save the diver

Cat who feels the approach of death.
Oscar can always feel when one of the residents in a nursing home, where he lived, was close to death, and will sit on the bed during their last hours. One relative of two elderly sisters who died in a nursing home, said: "The presence of Oscar gave women a sense of peace and tranquility. Both women love animals. Oscar brought a special tranquility in the room. What could be more peaceful than the purring cat? »

Staffordshire Terrier, who defended his mistress from the gang with a machete.
Patricia Edskhed make tea when three masked men with machetes broke into her home. The former husband of a woman rushed to help, but one of the assailants cut his hand with his machete. "I was trapped in the kitchen with Oi (the name of the dog) and one of the attackers. He raised his machete over my head, "- she said. "Oi jumped up and bit him in the arm. Man hit over the head with a machete dog, but she is still haunted him until he ran out of the house. She saved my life ».

Gorilla that remembered his old friend.
Damian Aspinal brought gorilla named Kvibi in England. When Kvibi 5 years old, he had to take back gorilla in Africa and release into the wild. 5 years later, Damian returned to West Africa to see his old friend, despite warnings that Kvibi could become wild and be aggressive with people. Damien sailed top of the river and called Kvibi, as he called it before, when suddenly the gorilla appeared on the bank of the river. Kvibi heard the voice of his old friend and recognized him. "He looked into my eyes with such love. It was incredible! He did not want to let me go »

Recently it became known that fish can use tools to perform simple tasks.
In 2011, a diver saw amazing fish, shellfish which broke a stone to eat the entrails, which proves that the fish are much more opportunities than most people previously thought.

German Shepherd, who became a guide dog for the blind spaniel.
When Ellie blind spaniel, was taken by the director of the animal shelter Gene Spencer, nobody expected that her other dog, Leo decides to become a guide dog. "I take them for a walk in the park and Leo leads Ellie around," says Spencer. "He protects her from everything, even from the more aggressive dogs around».

Sent two retired circus elephant who reunited after a 25-year old separation under the roof of the shelter.
Jenny and Shirley took the circus at the same time: Jenny still quite small, and Shirley at the age of 20-years. 25 years later they are reunited in an orphanage for elephants. At night, when they saw each other again, they tried to reach their trunks to each other through the bars of the cage. After this became inseparable friends.


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