Harassment or art?

Back in 1994 already two creative cheloveka - pisatel Berton Silver and artist Hizer Bush sozdali sovmestny project, which resulted in the later released a book with pictures of cats. Has not yet begun the era of the Internet and to the World koshkopomeshatelstva was a few years. But even then it is a miracle printing caused quite intense discussion. Because it was not just handsome photo of baleen. And in war paint. The reaction was by the diversity - from Syrup delight with aspiration to angry protests from animal rights advocates - say the purest mockery and so on.
The author even make a confession secret world that during the writing of this book, no animals were harmed - sleight of hand and photoshop.
But the idea fell into fertile soil. Ketpeynting now - it's a self-paced business. Pleasure is very expensive, bizarre and increasingly popular. What to say about this "green", you can guess.
With regards to the thoughts of the objects of painting - is unknown. Koshak not too spread about it. It seems that in most cases, do not feel particularly aggrieved. Although, you know, they are secretive little creatures.


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