Unfortunately, to date, to recreate in real life "Jurassic Park" is not possible. Because the DNA molecules have disappeared from the bone fossils of dinosaurs about seven million years after their death. That is, if you take the overwhelming majority of which became extinct in the late Cretaceous period - about sixty-five million years ago. The other "little bit" later, but also can not be reincarnation.
But it is even mammoths can get. In any case, scientists are hoping very much. Last year's discovery of Russian researchers have provided a sufficient amount of biological material for artificial insemination. Now two research groups - from Novosibirsk State University and Kyoto University are monitoring the elephant cow, which hatched embryos mammoth. For this purpose it was selected Indian elephants, but African will be bigger. Maybe because the proportions - more elation front of the body, the less massive ass - "Indian" is closer to the fossil animals.
It remains to wait a bit. And there, staring, will be at the zoo Novosib Kyoto or look at the wool of giants. And there, staring, and suitable for cloning lizard derive from the depths.


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