How to care for your skin at a constant working at the computer

Dermatologists believe that radiation from computer gets into the deeper layers of skin and destroys the internal structure of the fibers.

Dry and dehydrated skin loses elasticity face
Guest and elasticity. Ongoing work at the computer leads to premature wrinkling and sagging.

What can we do to neutralize the effects of radiation?

 - Drink water every half hour, preferably by adding lemon juice or grapefruit.

 - Sprinkled the face with mineral water.

 - Every day in the room where the computer is running, must be carried out wet cleaning and airing.

 - If you work at a computer - the main activity, moisturizer should be a necessity. Constant hydration facial skin - is the main cosmetic rule when working at the computer.

By the way, the same recommendations apply to the skin of hands. A tube of hand cream should stand next to the monitor.


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