Railroad Kingdom in Prague

The Kingdom of the railway - it eskpozitsiya a total area of ​​more than 3tys.kv.m., which in a nutshell presented different parts of the Czech Republic, with the main emphasis on the railways. Dozens of houses, streets, moving cars on the streets, to give each other the road at traffic lights, thousands of tiny men, each of whom is involved in any situation in life, everyone lives their life. Workers at the plant, passengers at bus stops, a rock concert with a crowd of fans rally against deforestation, the police and an ambulance on the scene - and much much more. Every 20 minutes there is a change of day and night. Consider all possible infinitely.


Control Center

There are several children's booths, such as this one from the designer Lego

Separate portions of delight deserve hundreds of models of cars and trains, arranged on shelves around the perimeter of exposure.

In addition, the lower level is a large urban model of Prague with the exact size and location of the building.

Source: ibigdan.livejournal.com


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