In connection with the current European Championship Cup, the British conducted an interesting survey on the subject of men, as they are annoyed when they were together watching football woman. Here are the main causes of irritation:

When, during the match, the woman starts to stick - 58% of men
 When she asks what is offsite - 8%
 When she calls likable any player a foreign team - 7%
 When she asks why a penalty was given - 7%
 When she says the wrong name of the player - 6%
 When, during the game, she starts talking about things unrelated to football - 4%
 When she accidentally starts rooting for another team - 3%
 When she asks the question: "What is the color of our players?" - 3%
 When during a break switches the channel while there is continued discussion - 2%
 When she erases the tape where the recorded match - 1%

And 40% of men irritates the fact of the presence of a woman while watching the match.


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