"Currant jelly"


1. First you need to sort out and thoroughly wash the berries. Touch up them in a pot, add a little water and cook until until currants not seethe.

2. Then use the blender grind the mixture and if necessary pass through a sieve, you can do it without a blender, just rubbing the mixture through a sieve.

3. After this process, the future marmalade with currant mix with 2 cups of sugar and boil again. The syrup should be boiled down and become thick. This is reminiscent of the process of making jam.

4. To test the readiness of take a little juice currant on a cold plate, if the drop does not spread means that you can pour on molds, or use one whole capacity, and then when currant marmalade with thickened cut in pieces.

5. Do not forget to like and shops marmalade, your home, too, sprinkle with sugar.


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