Right foot steps - left follows.

Buddha told one of his incarnations. He said:
"In his previous incarnation I was an ignorant man. A wise man attained enlightenment, so I went to see him. With a respectful bow, I fell at his feet. But upright, was surprised to see the old man bent in a bow in front of me.
- What you do? - I cried. - The fact that I touch your feet, absolutely right, but I have not deserved bows.
The sage replied:
- It will be a great mistake if you kosnёshsya my feet, and I thine - no. Because I - none other than the part of you, but slightly pushed forward. Bowing at your feet, I just remind you that you did the right thing, and worship me. But do not be fooled into thinking that we are two different people. It would be a mistake to think that I wise man, and you - the ignorant. It's a matter of time. Wait a bit, and you too will attain enlightenment. When the right foot steps forward, the left follows it really is left behind just to the right could step forward. "


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