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Amazing girl named Ashlyn Blocker lives in the US city of Patterson.
Seemingly an ordinary 13-year-old child who goes to school, studying music, but there is a BUT.
She did not feel any pain and do not even know how to describe it.
Can safely stick his hand in boiling water and not notice the skin blisters.
At the same time, Ashlyn feels a handshake and a hug, can distinguish the texture and pressure.
At school she was constantly asked whether it is not Superman?
Once she broke her ankle and ran for two more days, until the parents suspected something was wrong.
Such is the interesting little girl lives in the world.

When Ashlyn was born, she did not scream. My parents got rid of furniture with sharp corners. They lay on the floor is very soft carpets. They did not allow Ashlyn rollerblading. They are wrapped her hands with gauze in several layers so that she could not comb them. They used a special baby monitor in her room to hear the sound coming from the teeth when chewing. But, nevertheless, they could not sleep, they transferred her to his bed, and Tara held her hands Ashlyn to that night could not bite your skin or rub your eyes.

Girl almost always wears a bandage on his head and slippers, as well as prescribed by her doctor in a dark-rimmed glasses, and even bracelets from beads, which she keeps in an old bank from the cucumbers company Vlasic. She sells her knitted bags for five dollars to friends in high school district Pierce (Pierce County Middle School). When she laughs or smiles, you can see the transparent mouthguard Invisalign, metal braces because it can injure the tongue or gums, and she did not notice. She is also a medical identification tag, which it attaches to the silicone bracelet, corresponding to the color of her clothes. On its reverse side is the inscription: "I do not feel pain - sweating minimum».

When Ashlyn was nine years old, uchenіe conducted a series of medical tests to determine what level of sensitivity it has. Girl tickling recognize and can feel a pinprick, but it is not able to capture extreme temperature levels. He also had with her a series of psychological tests and tried to find out whether it has the ability to feel emotional pain and sympathy, and came to the conclusion that Ashlyn's very talented and friendly girl.

In fact Ashlyn sometimes crying. She cried when earlier this year lost her beloved dog. After that, Ashlyn long lay curled up in bed with their parents. Recently, the girl cries out and says, "Oh!" When it becomes a witness of someone in pain. For many years, she carefully studied the reactions of other people and learned to shrink when someone describes something painful.

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