1. After Windows appears "Taki I booted" and within 15 minutes of playing melody "Seven Forty", which can not be suspended or canceled.

2. When you press the "Start", the message "Well, you sho klatsat here, would go better in football play ...".

3. Keyboard driver automatically converts the letter "r" in the letter "x" and the letter "h" to the letter "w."

4. When you open a new document by default it is given the name "Schaub zdorov.doc you were."

5. When you connect to the Internet there is an inscription: "Sho you occupy the line? And suddenly my mother called? »

6. When you open any folder or file, a warning message appears: "And it is you have to go there?»

7. When you install any program message appears: "Well, where are you going to write shmuck? You bought a new harddrayv? »

8. The file sizes are specified up to bat, and instead of a timer built in the panel meter power consumption during operation of the computer.

9. When you call the help system always appears User cooking gefilte fish.


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