Song of Windows

What is Windows - this is heaven!
The sky with clouds at startup,
Pile zakoryuchek instead inscriptions in Russian ...
Windows, I used a hundred years was not with you!

Windows - somewhere harness sidyuk,
Windows - it is completely swearing,
Moans user - user sorry,
Windows - it's sad.

What is Windows - it's the window!
Windows incorrect operations,
This inability to properly discharged,
Windows, I you once Cockney!

What is Windows - it's speed!
Speed ​​ascending the mountain nag,
Tightly to each other braking problem,
Windows - for the machine is brushwood.

What is Windows - this is the place!
The place on the disk is lost,
In the registry thousands of unnecessary keys from the list,
Windows, how do I close with you!

What is Windows - the word!
A word in your list of directories,
It would be better to write it, but, on the fence,
Oh, I ...
today vinduzovo
What is Windows - it bugs!
Languages: hole will be found after all!
No patches in the world do not fix
All the surprises with this vile things ...!

Melting, melting space on C :,
Windows - what will be the end?
How long will break the connection,
Windows worst of all sects ...


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