Do not Mess with the welder.

Do I have acquaintance, a welder with twenty years of experience, a terrible drunk, but not violent. Nazhretsya, crawl home, go to bed and FSUs it all. And he wound up in the house of the neighbors ... Mouzon fun until the morning, drinking, partying, fights and filthy staircase.

Several times the cops came, confusing enough for two days. Uncle entot a couple of times down to the dismantling (his awakened even in a drunken stupor). It is useless. He once someone has given the face, then he ...

And so, one day, or rather night, he pritaranil home welder, working from the home network 220 ...

After the regular fights he took this unit and brewed iron door neighbors on the perimeter ... ... and cut down the counter, calmly went to sleep. Sleep, however, he did not have as neighbors after half an hour of trying to open the door, called MES, which started to cut the door grinder.

But then the silence was constant.


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