On the run

Looked at the website "Health" list of harmful products. This is what happens, my mother wanted to kill a child?

The worst thing is not that we are now adults, and that now adults - we.

It is well known that the bull is very annoying red. Therefore, they are trying to quickly pass on a flashing yellow.

It is symbolic that in our time the word "hemorrhoids" and "headache" have become synonymous.

Fear has big eyes. And constipation - even more
Every idiot has every right to be complete.

Horses galloping mare let stop! And me flowers, poems and new boots!

Browsing the Internet, remember that the pan starts FRY potatoes as soon as it stops COOKING.

I am a citizen of Russia, I do not want to decide anything! Yes, in general, I do not decide ...

In our country, elections remind bride price. Everyone knows that the ransom - but customs, traditions ...

Catching up to the elections, the people on the rake does not come, he dances to them.

I always know where you have to keep quiet ... I know because, the infection! .. But I can not!

If you take any evil and scratched, it is almost always possible to find good, from which once it started.

Wore a cardigan, looked in the mirror - a fool, a fool ... She took off, looked back ... Hmmm ... It's not a cardigan ...

Women are beloved man as God. Worshiping and all the time he asks.

If you suck in the stomach - lift the spoon and see who it sucks.


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