12 rules that define life.

1. The 80/20 Rule (Pareto principle).
80 percent of all income received by you brings you for only 20 percent of your activities. Much of what you do, in fact, is not so necessary, as you think.

2. Parkinson's Law.
You can do what you need much faster than you think. The more time you allocate to the task, the more spend.

3. The group operation.
A good way to carry out boring and repetitive tasks quickly - making the whole set for each other.

4. Please give, and then receive. In that order, and not vice versa.
Over time, you get more than they give.

5. ahead of events. Do not brake.
This not only saves you from the expectations and you will enjoy - you feel that you have the power to control their lives.

6. Errors and failures - this is good.
They allow you to gain invaluable experience, learn a lot of interesting things and become successful, because success in life often comes only in the case if you have not succumbed to the failures and mistakes. He comes only to persistent.

7. Do not take yourself too harshly.
It only creates additional unnecessary inner pain and takes valuable time.

8. Create a nice touch.
Treat any meeting as if it contains your best friends. And you begin to communicate precisely with this setting, instead of all the time to get nervous.

9. Take advantage of the features of the reticular activating system as an advantage of his.
This focusing system, PAC, located in the brain. To use it, you need to really focus on what you want and constantly keep their attention (for example, a piece of paper on which you can write something from that post, such as "Please Give" or "Go to contact ").

10. What are your views change reality.
Pessimism can hide behind the guise of realism. But it's because your RAS set up the perception of negativity that you want to see. That's why every time you turn "right". On the other hand, it may be better not to be right in such situations.
If you try to radically change their attitude, rather than simply to consider this possibility, you will be pleasantly surprised.

11. Thanks - a simple way to feel happy.
If I had someone say that a sense of gratitude felt by only a minute or two is a great way to turn a bad mood into a good, I would have seriously trained to be grateful. It's also a wonderful tool to maintain a positive attitude to reality and concentrate on the correct order. And also - to make others happy. That in turn will make you happier - emotions are contagious.

12. Do not compare yourself with others.
If you compare yourself with others, you allow the outside world to control their sense of self. Mood swings are guaranteed.
It is much more productive to compare themselves with the same. To see how far you have advanced, what goals you have achieved and how you grew up on yourself. Perhaps this does not sound so great, but in the end it will bring inner peace, strengthen willpower and fill you with positive emotions.


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