Crazy truck. Schiphol, let off

Remember the movie "Taxi"? As famously dissected the protagonist Danie on its "fawn" along the roads of Marseilles. With multiple speeding.
Well, all the same car. And if you imagine a rushing with such speed wagon? In spetstreke rally "Paris-Dakar", or action-movie? And on a normal road. With difficulties? So I can hardly imagine.
But in the country of tulips (and not only tulips), that is in the Netherlands - it easily. Registered road camera, the truck trailer (!) Overclocked to 246 (two hundred forty six !!) kilometers per hour - perhaps to pay a fine. Because it is three times higher than the maximum on this stretch of road.
Justice finally triumphed and the police apologized. Say, zvynyayte, lured the camera. A camera is already in us, hapless confused was hit. Because - official instrument. And there's just up to you to someone Rushed Aki lightning, here's the priborchik zashkalilo.
I have two questions:
1. What is not on the record shows that this Furyk with a trailer and he pprosto technically can not go so fast? Well, the device does not differ ingenuity. And the police?
2. If the device so glyuknul in this case, how can you believe it in principle. In the case of the less obvious what the hell who prove.
Or maybe there simply in the air something sort of hovers? And even on the devices influences? Still, Holland ...


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