Coco Chanel, important tips:

1. "Luxury should always be comfortable».
All clothing that is created by Coco Chanel, was comfortable, it does not interfere with movement. Comfort - it is the most important part of fashion

2. "Do you want to be free? "Put on pants! Coco Chanel was the first woman who wore pants. She received a lot of criticism, because at that time were fashionable corsets and skirts ... But a short time later, the women one by one began to wear pants.

3. Knees need to hide. The skirt should cover ih.Samym ugly place on the female body, Coco felt her knees.

4. The little black dress in every girl should have garderobe.Kazhdaya sexy and at the same time, universal black dress.

5. Accessories talk about style. The larger, the more beautiful.

6. Bags longest harness. Chanel has created a number of bags, which in our time are the most fashionable.

7. Fragrances - one of the main components of the wardrobe. It is necessary to carefully choose the perfume, which should correspond to you.


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