8 signs that you like girls

men do not like when women reject them. There is nothing worse when the girl of your dreams refuses to go with you on a date. You've really thought that she likes you. Obviously, you do not notice it, or misunderstood signs that you filed it.
From the point of view of men, women are very evasive and inconsistent (very confusing) when showing their interest to men (but if it happened that you really handsome man with a pocket full of money, and so they call you). And yes, women often send us a message contradictory, because they themselves are not sure what is going on in their heads.
All you need to man, so it is a clear set of female hints or signals that tell you that you will definitely like women.
Are there signs? Actually, yes. Here are some signs that a woman may want you to have invited her on a date.

1- She always tries to come across your eye

Suddenly you begin to notice its presence wherever usually "hangs": passed her in the hall at work; she "accidentally" meet you; She tries to be closer to you at the club.
All of these actions it is trying to make sure that you have noticed it, and gives you the opportunity to make your first step. The problem with this female strategy is that so many guys all this seems obvious, and they miss the chance, knowing that there will be other opportunities. Men act directly, but women do not. Therefore, if the next time a woman starts to constantly gets in your way, you know that she does it with a purpose.

2- It is doing things right, you can not to hurt

Many people say that the body can not lie. Nature in us include a set of non-verbal flirting signals that people use when they are interested in someone. These signs as an extension of the iris when a person looks at the object of his desire, and to the more obvious - smile and touch.
Here are a few hints for which you need to follow:
• She drew her legs, feet and shoulders in your direction.
• When you are talking in a group, it is almost always applied it to you.
• She plays with her hair.
• She nervously fingering their decoration (eg, earring) or shackle points.
• It does not give you the eye when talking or when drinking.
• It repeats the movement for you (for example, if you put your hand on the table, she immediately does the same thing).
• She is smiling at you in the report.
If you notice some of these signs, you can be sure: you are given a "green light».

3- It is never busy for you

This is the most important rule: if a woman is interested to go with you on a date, she will do to get rid of all their affairs. This means that it will give you your work phone number or e-mail address, she quickly answers or call you, and accept your invitation to go somewhere together, and if it is really the case is scheduled for a day that you specify, it will respond something like: "This Saturday I can not, but next Saturday is free if you do not mind».

From a girl interested in you, you will never hear phrases like "I'm very busy," or "Let me check my schedule," or "I just broke up with her boyfriend, so do not want to start a new relationship." Even if she is currently dating someone, it will still try to keep the possibility of future contact.

4- She is curious about everything you

You are interested in a woman wants to know everything about you (that's why she talks about you with her girlfriends). It will ask about your family, your community and your tastes in food, music and films. Very often it happens that it is a list of your interests to emulate your preferences and do what you do not like. If you go crazy with travel in a balloon, then suddenly discover that she also likes it.

5- She uses "kiteflying»

"Probing" - is one of the ways that women use to determine the financial position of men. It includes a set of seemingly ordinary matters for which is hidden a lot of sense. When a woman meets a man with whom she wants to go on a date, she finds out where he works, where he lives and what his machine, and all within a normal conversation. If you give the "right" answers, then followed by other signs of attention from the girls. But if you do not meet its "standards" that this was the end.

6- She tries to get into your future plans

Interested woman is always open for any of your plans for the future. In fact, she would say something like: "Wow. You also walk in bowling? We can go there together sometime. " When it behaves in this way, to be sure - she wants you to ask her out.

7- It is all the time as "on pins and needles»

If she really is interested, it will be very nervous, especially if you do not pay attention to her signals. Of course, it may just be the usual shy person, so pay attention to how it behaves with other people. If only she was nervous in your presence, it is likely that it is waiting for a more intimate relationship.

8 She is jealous of you to other women with whom you are talking

An interested woman will always keep track of your opponents like a hawk (and claws). So, if you've noticed this behavior on her part just because you're talking to other girls, you can be sure that she wants to be just a friend you do not.

It is time to make your move

Here they are - the main and one of the most obvious signals, which are fed by women when they want good relations with you. One note: if you notice only one of the above signals, then this may not be enough to determine the interest of girls to you (very many women behave openly friendly with all).
However, if you notice, most of these signals, you can put a lot of money on something that you can call right now and ask her out


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