I've been doing parkour for a year and it became my life, I even made a website on his subject, who are interested knock in Asya, I tell you more about this art movement.

There are no borders, there are only obstacles

Basically, Parkour - a natural way to train the body to train rapid forward movement using everything in the environment at any time. This is the "art of movement" does not require any special equipment and ammunition for practice. This athletic discipline accessible to all, as combines the natural skills of the human body: running, jumping, climbing ... It is a sport that allows you to explore and develop the ability of your body that you can be useful in different situations. It develops skills that will help you more easily and move freely in the city, in parks, in the woods, all in all conditions. Catching parkour you will be much better to control the body.

Necessary equipment for training is a simple T-shirt, a pair of sweat pants or shorts and comfortable shoes.

Running, crawling, jumping, somersaults and other methods of your body are the essence of the sport. All this has one purpose: to never stop before any obstacle (whether it's wall, fence, wood, railing, rock, stone, machine, etc.), and immediately adapt to any terrain.

The path of this movement began even when the man began to move skillfully to hunt, to attack and to defend itself. Later, people first ninja, and later the special forces soldiers trained in special techniques for the penetration movement, escapes and to perform any of its goals. Today firefighters, soldiers, police are trained for movement to extreme situations they are not stopped by various obstacles.

The main idea of ​​this - the man who runs, and whom nothing can stop.

The purpose of parkour was to create a "thorough" sports in the idea practitioner of parkour is to develop as much as possible their skills. It is difficult discipline to train, because it continually tests the limits of its trains on the opportunities. And these limits over time, expanding and expanding.

Available to all who are 15 or more years (the age which already has the necessary physical development) parkour during the development of physical qualities and coordinating body also develops willpower, determination, dignity, endurance, agility and courage - essential qualities in life! It educates and informs young people wanting to get a new life experience.

Parkour - it's more than just a sport. It is a way of life; is a way to know yourself; knowledge and ownership of his own body. Becoming stronger, training to overcome not only physical but also moral, mental obstacles in life.


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