During the year, EA plans to release a new Mirror's Edge, NFS and other games

The sequel favorite of many games parkour Mirror's Edge , which appeared in the already distant 2008, it is planned release early next year for consoles and PC reported engadget.com .

For the first time a new part of the game Mirror's Edge was mentioned at E3 2014. Then developers Electronic Arts video showed a very crude prototype. No further information regarding the exact release date, gameplay, or platform-specific EA did not provide until now. In the financial report of the company mentioned plug dates of the alleged release of the game: from 1 January to 31 March 2016. Therefore, we only need to be patient and wait for comments from the developers.

That is the video of the prototype presented at E3 2014. I>

Yet EA plans to release a new part of the Need For Speed ​​in the summer of 2015 (exact date to be announced, but who would doubt that the game will be), as well as the new Star Wars Battlefront, the release date is scheduled for November 17. In the period from January to March 2016 the players will be pleased with another project, a sequel, this time on the game Plant vs Zombie (the final name is not yet confirmed).

Electronic Arts is known for his prolific gamers. The popularity of the company acquired at the expense of, the already traditional sports games such as FIFA, NBA and NHL. The glorious past of the EA can be recorded series C & C, Mass Effect, Crysis, Dragon Age, the game Medal Of Honor and other well-known projects. The company is also responsible for the release of games such as The Sims and Battlefield.

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