Echinococcosis: when a dog becomes an enemy of man

Driving infection can be like this: isolation of an infected dog fall on the grass, berries, the water of the pond or stream, etc. If a person eats contaminated berries, he is sick. If the goat or sheep infected poschiplet grass - she is sick. But if the liver of the sheep to feed the dog - the dog is sick. A man playing with her, gets a terrible disease. Here's a cycle ...

Once in the human body, the egg containing young larvae migrate. During the trip, the larva is released from the egg settles and grows in different organs, but most often in the liver. In the body of the larva grows rapidly and can sometimes reach the size of the baby's head.

Cyst is very difficult to diagnose. In the liver, it can be detected by ultrasound, and sometimes X-ray examination. In bone tissue cyst it is not common, but it may determine not all health facilities and usually detected at a late stage.

Bone cyst - a difficult disease. Remove it difficult because the worm embryos fall and into the surrounding tissue. Typically, deleted or the entire body or cyst itself. But in the body, if there is still a larva worm cyst can grow again. Chemotherapeutic techniques are still under development.

Therefore, it is better oneself from the disease. Moreover, preventive measures are simple enough:

 - Be sure to wash your hands with hot soapy water before you drag them to the mouth after contact with a dog or pets;

 - Wash the berries and herbs;

 - Regularly, every 3-4 months, give your dog antiparasitic drugs, and certainly after the summer season;

 - The internal organs of animals after slaughter do not feed dogs raw;

 - Manufacture of animal skins or shear sheep only in a special room, wearing gloves and a mask. "


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