Road deaths in Bolivia

The road descends from a height of 3, 6 thousand meters to 330 meters above sea level. It is very steep slopes, slippery and dirty floors. Partly on this winding and extremely narrow "track" it is impossible to pass two cars - need to stop, go forward, understand and negotiate.

But that's not all. While traveling on this "highway" drivers have to deal with not the most favorable weather conditions: cool Andean highlands with average temperatures from 6 to 11 degrees Celsius replaced humid Amazon jungle. The road is not only narrow, but also very, very slippery. Asphalt covered only the first 20 kilometers, the rest - the mud and clay. And do not forget that the fleet of Bolivia - is very old and worn out cars After peeling off the tires.

However, the North Yungas Road - one of the few routes connecting northern Bolivia to the capital, so its operation does not stop, no matter what. Since the beginning of the 1990s, mortal danger roads made it a popular tourist attraction.

Many come here to raise the level of adrenaline in the blood, descended on her SUV or mountain bike, on developing its individual areas up to 80 km / h. Go back a few. But those who managed to pass through it and stay alive compare this route to the conquest of Everest. But ordinary people of Bolivia continue to "conquer" the road every day. Registered users can post any comments.
Meanwhile, according to rumors, the monstrous 70 kilometers in the Yungas - only the second road on the degree of danger in the world. There are supposedly would have its own "Road of Death" in Bangladesh. If indeed there is something worse Bolivian "tracks", then call it a pointless way. For a shorter road suitable name - a "Death".


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