Turkish cooks poisoned Russian tourists

Once on the poisoning was reported in the Holiday Park Resort headed by representatives of insurance companies, to find out what was the cause of poisoning and how it was strong. On Saturday, September 1, all the victims were placed in the local hospital with a diagnosis of "gastrointestinal disorder", where they provide the necessary assistance. The need for prolonged hospitalization was not, so after the necessary procedures for the Russians back to the hotel. This was stated by the Consul General of Russia in Antalya Mirjalol Khusanov, citing the words of the representatives of insurance companies in Antalya.

Although Turkey has already become a traditional holiday destination of Russians, they look forward to, and in many other countries. The main reason for such hospitality - generosity of our fellow citizens: the Russians left for vacation in 6 - 8 times more money than, say, the Europeans. In order to lure vacationers to him, many countries make concessions: small breaks can help smooth out the trouble, including poisoning. So, from September 1 to enter Laos visa is no longer required. Earlier, in March, lifted visa restrictions Thailand. Not the least of these "gifts" were made due to the fact that it is in Asian countries, the risks are great as anywhere: Tourists often complain of infection poorly understood diseases and poisoning exotic dishes.


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