"Rested in Abkhazia no longer go" (comment on "personal experience")

And as one looks at a rest ... I'll tell you a few cases that I have seen with my own eyes:

1. Sit in a cafe we ​​eat. Passes by a young Abkhazian, folds his hands mouthpiece at the mouth and shouted: "Bon appetit to all travelers." And what is going on, and nothing from him vacationers do not have to.

2. Going to the shuttle bus. In the front seat rides pretty girl. At the gas station have noticed her two Abkhazians from the next car, one came and bought ice cream and treated. No phone, not even the name did not ask, did not stick. Just treated and went on about his business. I think enough, although many more examples I can give.

Our hostess when we have a leisure money refunded when they decided to leave early.

The water was hot all the time, no misfire has not happened.

Simply, the author, you are out of luck with housing. It is not necessary to judge the whole of Abkhazia. Beautiful, proud and friendly country. We got a lot of fun, it is possible that there will come again and again.

A queue at customs ... Well, I can only say that the queue has only RUSSIAN hand.

Abkhazians allowed simply and quickly, producing the same. But the Russian customs obhamil ("If you get hot, there is nothing here to hang"). Very sad ...

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