Last Tango truck and lamppost (2 photos)

In Ordzhonikidze district traffic police received a report about the theft of the truck. And half an hour later the car was found in one of the courtyards. Arrived on the scene of an accident inspectors were surprised: the truck was almost literally worn on a lamppost. His TERMOBUDKA broken in two places, the driver's cab dented.

According to Senior Inspector DPS Orzhonikidzevskogo area Igor Pleshkova guilty will be easy to calculate. Blow, apparently, was a strong, loud and there are many witnesses of the incident. After all, next - high-rise building.

In inspektrov also have a suspicion that the driver hit a pole, to avoid punishment came up with a story about stealing a car. As explained in the traffic police, such cases occur very often.

Still, such an accident seems incredible.


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