Teen flown in a wing of Boeing-737 can amputate hands

Andrew said he decided to leave "away" from the fact that his father "took his booze." The boy had dinner with my grandmother and told her that he goes to a friend's birthday, where he spend the night. And he went to the bus station, bought a ticket and went to Perm. "When I was a child there with her mother went to the Christmas tree," - explained Andrew.

According to the teenager, the money he earned on a ticket, helping elderly neighbor across the garden. After strolling through the city, the boy sat on the bus and went to the final stop at the airport. He climbed the fence and into the hole crept up to the plane. It was dark, no one noticed. "I did not know what to do next. Also I was very tired. In general, I climbed up on the chassis wing, sat down there at some niche and immediately fell asleep, "- said Andrew.

It is not clear how to inspect Boeing passenger prior to departure, but according to Andrew, he awoke only when the plane started to take off.

"I was so frightened that immediately lost consciousness - continues Andrew. - Then I do not remember. Only in the hospital I was told that I spent at an altitude of 10,000 meters at a low temperature for almost two hours. When I woke up, the plane was. I went down on the asphalt, but almost immediately fell. Legs did not obey completely, and more - it was very cold. "

Seeing the boy who literally fell onto the tarmac of an airplane wing, had just landed, stunned employees Vnukovo airport took him to the police office. In a semiconscious state, blowing on his hands numb, unusual passenger repeating that "terrible hand burns."

Arriving medics examined the teenager and were horrified. While Andrew warmed tea, physicians "fast" tried to negotiate with colleagues from the hospital, so they took the boy nonresident. However, in every clinic, where doctors called, it was a failure: the patient did not take to the clinic without a medical insurance policy.

Two hours after the plane landed Andrew did take in a Moscow hospital. After seeing the teen, his doctors determined the intensive care unit. But the very next day, after a relative stabilization, was transferred to the surgery.

The boy's mother, made an unprecedented in the history of Russian aviation flight, did not know that his son was in serious condition in a Moscow hospital, is back in the Permian village is not a call from the capital. Olga V. thought that the son of his grandmother, and when she called an unknown woman from Moscow and told Andrew to the hospital, do not believe it. Only uslyshv voice of his son, his mother believed, and nearly fainted.

On the third day of his stay in Moscow, Olga V. took her son home. Treat her son in the capital turned out to be expensive. Shcherbakovs flew to Perm, where Andrew was put in a children's hospital with a diagnosis of "hands frostbite of 3-4 degree."

The doctor on duty Permian CST Vamper Michael said that the boy has already started dying tissue on the hands, which can lead to gangrene and, unfortunately, for a possible amputation. The final decision to accept the amputation of the council of physicians, which will be held on Tuesday & quot ;.


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