Moscow richer!

catch up and overtake New York in the next five years plans to the mayor of Moscow. "The city budget today is second only to New York's budget. This year it will be a positive part of the $ 40 billion, "- said Yuri Luzhkov at the opening Economic Congress in Dusseldorf. By 2012, Moscow's budget will exceed the budget of the American metropolis, said Yury Luzhkov /

Experts suggest that Moscow's budget will exceed the budget of the US financial center. "All things being equal (population, income -" Times "), the level of social capital costs high, growing infrastructure. This will tighten Moscow to other major cities to New York, "- says the chief economist at Deutsche Bank Yaroslav Lissovolik.

However, calling the leaders of the size of the budget, the mayor of Moscow, a little mistake. To become the owner of an impressive treasury, Moscow will also have to compete with Tokyo, an annual budget in 2006 was $ 52, 2 billion.


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