Son of jeweler jewelry to pay compensation for his father

Madrid jeweler H. Alejandro (Alejandro G.) gathered all available in his shop values ​​and passed them on September 8, 1937 in the central branch of the Bank of Spain, received the appropriate receipts.

During the reign of General Franco (1939-1975) to claim compensation was useless, but with the return of democracy in the country demanded that the son of a goldsmith of the bank - it was in 1984 - to return the jewels, in what was denied. Commencement of the trial lasted more than 20 years. In 1991, the trial court took the side of the bank, and the Supreme Court in 1994 ordered the state to return the jewelry or offset their cost.

Initially, it was only about compensation for the value of jewelry, which is 188 thousand euros, but now the court has decided on compensation of one million euros, taking into account the profit that could get a jeweler from their activities throughout their lives if jewels had not been confiscated .


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