8 things every father must teach his son

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Although mothers play the most important role in the life and upbringing of the child, there are things that are certainly better than the father is going to do. Especially if we are talking about the son.

Just think: at first the boy falls under the supervision of a teacher in a kindergarten and then a school where 90% of teachers are women. The baby is constantly in female company, and he does not have enough male parenting.

The website decided to talk about 8 things that can give the child only the father.

Who is the best companion for the child in various competitions and mobile games in addition to friends? Of course, dad. This is a good exercise of masculinity. Through these games the kid will feel the taste of victory and aware of how much effort you need to make to achieve it.

And for the father such games will be a great opportunity to explain to my son that defeat is inevitable and if you fall, just get up and keep moving, and in loss there is nothing to be ashamed of.

To tell my son how he should behave with women, and the mother, only the father can show all this on your example. It will be great if it was from him the son learns all sorts of important things about women. Not from friends, not from the Internet, and from the father is important. To take his son with him together to buy flowers for mom, to go to the store and politely talk to the shop assistant that the child is not shy about communicating with unfamiliar women — all that.

This follows from the previous paragraph. Let the son know about this powerful feeling that is from the men's PEP talks, when the time comes. For a teenager will be a valuable gift if dad is going to tell him about her first love, about first dates and trips to the cafe. And that should not be rushed and better to wait for the girl that will ignite the spark of the soul. And for trust, such conversations would be extremely useful.

The father and only the father can teach his son to be strong and solid to stand up for himself and his opinions. Learn to recognize the situations in which is bellow to the abuser more than a kilometer is not close, and when it is wiser not to pay attention to the provocations and quietly retired.
To explain to the son and to show by example that kindness is not weakness, that is also a father.

To do this, even doing particularly nothing, just periodically to be with his son and talk to him. So the kid realizes that not only has her demands and expectations, but another man with a different approach.

Of course, parents have to work together in matters of education, but in terms of seeing the world, their philosophy may be very different. And that's absolutely fine. With the help of his father the child will see that there are several perspectives on the same phenomena, learn to analyze and form your view of things.

It all starts with the age when the child is very small. But even as a 6-month-old tot, he can feel the difference between female and male manifestations of love. Unlike mothers, fathers affection and strokes prefer active games with "male character" type flipping or spinning. Moms usually look at it all with quiet horror, but this gives an abundance of visual, auditory, and tactile sensations and a new experience on its own spatial location.

There are things that many women look like some kind of magic, which are owned only by men, for example the campfire, tightening the screws, fix the car. Even if your child is "urban" at 100 %, there is no doubt that the ability to light a fire will be useful in the future — at least for lighting a barbecue. In any company the above skills will give your son plus 100 points to the authority.

Of course, that such operations as tying a tie, shaving and Ironing of shirts. Although it is the answer to any question can be found in the Internet, agree that it would be much better if the son learns this from his father. And Yes, it is the father and no one else can show my son that men can also cook. Well, at least at this level in order not to die of hunger.

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